E-Waste Management

Prajwal Kudale
4 min readFeb 4, 2021


What is E-Waste:

E-Waste or Electronic Waste is a type of waste which includes Electronics devices which are disposed or discarded. These includes devices which are broken, non-working condition, which are unable to use. If any item from the store goes unsold it’ll be thrown away. Now there might be a thought like what is the harm of e-waste? To answer this scientists claim that these kind of substances naturally leach toxic chemicals which are very harmful for us human being.
Examples of e-waste: - mobile phone, computers, TVs, all electronic devices, etc.

Why it is important to manage e-waste:

Since we know that scientists have claimed that e-waste is harmful, it becomes must for us to handle it with delicacy. We must keep in mind that we have to “keep e-waste out of landfilled” because e-waste is not at all a disposable it made up of just heavy metals, plastics and glasses which is inside this computer and can pollute the air with toxic gases and it can also pollute the water as well.

What are the Challenges?

1. Lack of infrastructure: - when we recycle these computers or any e-waste there are very
few facilities available which are capable to recycle e-waste.

2. Poor awareness and sanitization: - only 20% people know how to recycle e-waste.

3. Security issue: - when we recycle computers or any e-waste there’s some sensitive information which is present in a hard disk and which of people are unaware.

4. Electronic devices are generally imported from other countries like China, South Korea, Japan, etc. So, 80% of e-waste is generated from the product which are produced in other

5. When we search on internet about e-waste generation, we get to know that nearly 400k tones of e-waste is generated on daily basis.

What are the strategies?

1. We need to build the infrastructure which is capable to handle tones of e-waste and
recycle it properly.

2. We must check or only buy eco-friendly computers. So later we can recycle it.

3. Try to produce devices which are eco-friendly and able to connect various devices at

4. In Computers try to find all-in-one desktop which contain only one monitor inbuilt CPU.
So, you don’t need to buy CPU and UPS separately, which will definitely reduce the
quantity of e-waste generation.

About above image (Story)

The above picture is of desktop which is really old. These kind of desktop are very rarely found in this era. All of the box screens are replaced with flat-screen LED desktopswhich consumes less space as well as less electricity. Since people are moving forward with growing technology they are really being careless of the previous technology or machines which they used to use. They are forgetting that the old technology or old electronic devices are needed to be managed well. Because if they carelessly handle these thing, knowingly or unknowingly they are contributing to depleting our one and only beautiful natures health. The above image contains an object which is an e-waste. If that e-waste is not handled the way it should handle, then it will adversely affect all human beings present nearby. Scientists have already proved that these devices releases toxic chemicals as well as toxic gases which are very harmful for human beings and for our lovely nature as well.

Because of the e-waste which generated in tones of amount per day, and if we are not able control this, it will lead to harming pollution of different elements like - air, water, and sound. And it also affects the eco-system and biodiversity so, we need to plan “How to Manage E-Waste” in different areas in above picture you can see there is one monitor which is not working so when I want to recycle this product, we should visit recycle store or we can resell this product again or we can donate this to charity, or we can repair this product. So, there are so many ways which we can implement in our day-today life which can help us to reduce the amount of e-waste generated per day. When all of the above points are implemented successfully, then we can see some changes around us. And in future we should opt to buy all eco-friendly product which will help us to make our environment clean and healthy.


There are currently very few regulations on the disposal of E-Waste, and they are being allowed to bury in our landfills or to be burned openly. We are willingly allowing hazardous substances to leach into our water and air so that we may enjoy a new form of technology. This problem is not going to go away because the global population is growing and the demand for newer and better technology is creating enormous amounts of old and outdated electronics. So since we now know what is danger and what is safe we must start to take steps towards progressing as well as in other hand we should take care of the environment. We are the one with the knowledge who are going to develop the world as well as we are the ones who will take a good care of our mother nature and keep our environment clean and safe for our next generations.