This blog contains information related to data visualization using R programming language and how to implement it. Moving on forward let us first know what Data Visualization is. We all know what data is; Data is nothing but collection of information. Now here arises a question that how can…

What is E-Waste:

E-Waste or Electronic Waste is a type of waste which includes Electronics devices which are disposed or discarded. These includes devices which are broken, non-working condition, which are unable to use. If any item from the store goes unsold it’ll be thrown away. Now there might be…

To know about each operating system let’s first dive into their history.

History of Linux :

In 1991 Linus Torvalds, a student from Finland created a new free operating system kernel which was his personal project. Since then Linux Kernel is marked by constant growth. Since the release of its…

Prajwal Kudale

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